Monday, March 5, 2007

Second Container

We spent most of today's morning reorganizing the Adobe container in San Pedro and discussing all kinds of logistical issues with Astro-Norte, the engineering consulting firm that support us here in San Pedro. The Adobe container is now clean, well.. as clean as you can get in San Pedro, and ready to be used. Hopefully it will be relocated to its final position soon and hooked up to the electrical power.

In the afternoon we went to the site and after less than an hour (to our surprise) the second container showed up. This is the Equipment Room (a.k.a. The Silver container) and houses the telescope motion control system, the data acquisition system and is also our office space up on mountain.
Today was also the very first day that I felt totally o.k. working at high altitude, it was still al lot harder than performing the same tasks at sea level but I didn't suffer any side effect like headaches or dizziness.

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